Milnrow Parish Church Of England Primary School

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Milnrow Parish Church Of England Primary School

Year 4 

2022 - 2023

This afternoon (16.1.23), Year 4 have been identifying common appliances that run on electricity. They can now distinguish between appliances that use and do not use electricity. We have also talked about the different types of electricity and how to stay safe when using electricity.

This afternoon (31.10.22), Year 4 have started their new topic States of Matter. We looked at the way solids, liquids and gases behave and sorted different materials into categories.

13.9.22, this afternoon we have used our science lesson to describe and explain sound sources.  We placed a few grains of rice on a drumskin and when the skin was hit the drum skin vibrated, and the vibrations passed to the grains of rice, which also vibrated.  Also, we used tuning forks and could hear the vibrations when they were hit, making a sound. When we placed them in water these vibrations travelled through the water, making the ripples as the water vibrated.  Then, we used data loggers to measure the sound in different areas of the school and its grounds.

Year 4 

2021 - 2022

This afternoon, 6.4.22, we presented our research on habitats to our class using our power points, which we created in our science lesson.

This afternoon, Year 4 have visited Stanney Brook Park to gather information on habitats. We have now generated some questions, which we will use in our next science lesson to help us research a creature of our choice and their habitat.

This week is British Science Week and Year 4 have been investigating animals and plants that live on or around trees. This activity helped us think about trees as habitats for other living things.

This afternoon (8.2.22), In Science, Year 4 have enjoyed testing different materials to identify conductors and insulators. We have discovered that metals are good conductors of electricity.

This afternoon, 25.1.22, some Year 4 children worked as electrical engineers to test circuits and accept or reject them.  They also tested different materials and had to explain whether they were conductors or insulators.

Today, 1.11.21, we began our States of Matter topic.  We looked at the way the particles behaved in a solid, liquid and gas.

Today (19.10.21),  Year 4 have investigated the best material for absorbing sound. We have discovered that soft materials are the best material to absorb sound.

5th October 2021 - Today, we observed and described patterns between the pitch of a sound and features of the object that made the sound.

14.9.21 - Today in Science, Year 4 looked at how sources of sound vibrate, creating sound.


Today, we explored what happened to raspberry tea leaves when we put them into sparkling water.

12.10.20 Science

Today, as part of our Sound topic, we made our own string telephones.

Spring - Electricity

Today, Year 4 have been experimenting with circuit components.  Their task was to build their own circuits in order to light their bulb.  

Year 4 Science – ‘Sorting Things Workshop’ November 2019

Today, we enjoyed our visit from Sphere Science, who came in to deliver a workshop.  The children had the opportunity to discuss, investigate and think scientifically.

Autumn - States of Matter

Today, we enjoyed finding the best temperature to melt chocolate.


Science - Year 4

This half term we have been studying our topic 'Sound'.  The children have been learning about how sounds are made, carrying out demonstrations of vibrations, and completing a sound survey of their school.  They have made a string telephone, and used this to investigate how sounds change over distance and through different materials.